·      El gdlc no n’indica l’etimologia ni la primera documentació. En castellà, (clave) [falasha.

·      (eb) Falasha: also spelled FELASHA, an Ethiopian of Jewish faith. The Falasha call themselves House of Israel (Beta Israel) and claim descent from Menilek I, traditionally the son of the Queen of Sheba (Makeda) and King Solomon. Their ancestors, however, were probably local Agew peoples in Ethiopia who were . . .

·      (merriam-webster): Main Entry: Fa·la·sha.  Pronunciation: f&-'lä-sh&. Function: noun. Inflected Form(s): plural -sha or –shas. Etymology: Amharic fälasa. Date: 1710 : a member of a people of highland Ethiopia who practice a variety of Judaism.